AMEI Keyboard AM-KN101

AMEI Keyboard AM-KN101


  • High visibility and elegance – decent underlight of all keys not only makes the typing very comfortable while gloom or dark, but also looks very stylish; underlight can be switched-off.
  • Art worked with long time experience - compact size with comfort of full size keyboard, ergonomic design, very silent stroke and tactile feedback.
  • Designed with a view to comfort use – shorter key stroke allows very easy typing.
  • Manufactured with respect for details and simple elegance - cable can be rolled up for easy carrying; up-to-date stylish matting combined with glossy edges; special functional keys available.


Dimension90 × 1470 × 19 mm
Weight130 g
Spec. Length of cable72 cm
LayoutBased on your country needs
Key underlightblue,red,green
System requirementsWindows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7
Shipping dimension190 × 105 × 29 mm
Shipping weight222 g



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